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Will visualising a dangerous situation manifest it?

Addressing a real concern for those who use visualisation...


Joey first wrote to ask:

Ok its gotta be dangerous to visualize dangerous situations, cause that can manifest them cant it? Anyway I am interested in your stuff, I just discovered your site and added it to my favorites, what do you do for a living? who are you? Just curious like george

Here is my reply:

Dear Joey,

Thank you so much for your two emails. First off, my apologies for the delay in replying. I don't check my Wily email that often, and what with the Festive season and all, have been a bit pre-occupied offline!

Now to address your questions:

1. Will visualising a dangerous situation manifest it?

I understand your concern. There are two ways of looking at it. One is the new age, metaphysical belief that what you think about you get more of. Or you get what you visualise. This is exemplified by the Abraham teachings.

The other is based on critical thinking and strategic planning, where you try and plan for all eventualities. The best recent example of this I have come across is the book by ex-navy SEAL, Richard Machowicz, entitled: Unleash the Warrior Within.

Manifesting through visualisation involves repeatedly visualising a situation regularly over a period of time. So if you want to get a new car, you do your visualisation morning and night trying to see the specific car in as much detail as possible, and you visualise yourself driving and enjoying it. It takes sustained effort and usually a lot of action too to manifest that new car!

There are people who have "victim" mentalities, they expect bad things to happen to them. They visualise bad things over and over by worrying and they put lots of emotional energy into it ... and often they do manifest those bad situation in their lives.

Visualising a negative situation and how you would overcome it, in order to "be prepared", is a positive step. The important part of the visualisation is not the negative event -- it is seeing yourself acting courageously and creatively to resolve and overcome the negative event. You don't have to keep visualising it. Just once is enough. The important thing is laying down inner memories of you 'responding with ability', being resourceful and capable and calm.

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Many of the top companies in the world have strategic planning sessions in which they figure out all the emergency situations that could happen to the company and what they would do in that situation. They have manuals listing all the negative events that could happen, and the neccesary response. So if something happens, they just go to the manual, look it up and take the appropriate action. No panic, no fuss...

In the army, they always plan a mission to succeed but they also plan and allow for the things that could go wrong. That way they are prepared for all eventualities.

There are all kinds of philosophies and ideas on how you should live your life. My particular approach is to sample them all and take what is best from them. It is mind-expanding to be able to see the benefits in what appear to be diametrically opposed ideas. And having an expanded-mind is what allows you maximum thinking space and intelligence.

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2. Who am I?

I live in the United Kingdom, in a beautiful rural area known as The Cotswolds. I'm 35, married with one son. I work from home, managing websites, copy writing, and various other things. That's a very brief bio. And right now, on this Sunday, it's getting dark outside and I am being called to go play "chasey" with my 5-year-old son and his two pals from next door. Such is life!

Hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction.

Wishing you a truly wonderful New Year of discovery, success and fulfilment.

Warm Regards,
Wily W.

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The Abraham teachings at: http://www.abraham-hicks.com

Richard Machowicz website is at: http://www.bukido.com

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