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How to think like billionaire Donald Trump

Donald Trump's ferocious entrepreneurial billionaire mindset and how YOU can develop it!

think like billionaire Donald Trump

Donald Trump has come to epitomise the billionaire entrepreneurial spirit and is world-famous as the big boss in TV's The Apprentice. By using the advanced modelling strategies and techniques alluded to here, you can hardwire Donald Trump's genius for making money into your consciousness -- thus laying down the mental skillset in you which will enable you to grow your own fortune.

This Donald Trump page is aimed for those readers who have read the How to think like a Billionaire page and have subsequently invested in the Billionaire Brain money maker audios to reprogram your mind with billionaire success habits. At the low price of just $29.97 you can already see what an amazing ROI you will be getting when you program your unconscious mind with Donald Trump's billionaire mentality. This page provides you with additional resources to make your modelling of Donald Trump's billionaire brain that much easier....

Watch and listen to the following Donald Trump videos. Notice everything you can about him. Study him like an actor would. You've got to try and get 'inside the man'. Make a mental note of Donald Trump's:

  • Posture
  • Gestures
  • Way of speaking
  • Tonality
  • Choice of words and phrasing
  • Eyes
  • Breathing
  • Style
  • Overall attitude and mannerisms
  • Clothes

When you've watched the videos, listen to the Money Maker audio program that focuses on how to think like billionaire Donald Trump.

1. Billionaire Donald Trump and new partner in success, 'Rich Dad' Robert Kiyosaki:

2. Donald Trump Discusses "Focus" with 22 Year Old Entrepreneur

3. Donald Trump and Hot girl in San Francisco

4. Donald Trump Tells Bush "YOU'RE FIRED" 1 of 2

You can find other exciting videos at YouTube by searching 'Donald Trump'.

So watch the vids and then listen to the Donald Trump Money Maker audio to hardwire his billionaire brain strategies into your own mind. Good luck.

Further Donald Trump reference material:

Donald Trump on Wikipedia

Donald Trump's book, Think like a Billionaire

"How to think like a Billionaire" by Donald Trump

Trump University -- Learn success secrets from the billionaire himself.

Trump.com -- the Donald's main site.

Donald Trump -- #314 on Forbes list

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