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Increasing Brainpower With Mindfulness and Speed Thinking!

Plus, What Is The Best Method of Thinking?

Increasing brainpower, mindfulness, speed thinking, and the best method of thinking

Shekhar is on my Brain Squeezers tips list, and writes in to ask some questions about brainpower, mindfulness, and thinking styles that he needs clarity on. 

Shekhar writes... 

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 02:21:13 -0700
From: Shekhar
Subject: Re: Brain Squeezer 002: Expertless Thinking
To: wily[at]wilywalnut.com

Respected Sir,
Thanks! again. I have to learn lot from you. So don't miss a chance to give me such ideas. I want to know some facts about brain improvement. I think mindfulness and speed thinking both helps to improve brainpower, do they? But even I don't follow that because I forget to stimulate my brain by thinking frequently. What could I do? What is the best method of thinking?
Please provide me your kind information. I'll be waiting for that.
Sincerely Yours,

Here is my reply:

Dear Shekhar,

Thank you for your email and your questions.

There are plenty more tips coming your way!

I have every confidence in you. You clearly have an interest in developing and making use of your amazing potential.

This interest will become a passion and you will become more and more motivated to practice the exercises and skills that will make you a more dynamic and creative person.

It is very useful to think of your brain or mind as being like a muscle.

It's a useful analogy. When you exercise a muscle, it responds by growing bigger and working more efficiently.

Your brain also functions better when you exercise it. It becomes 'stronger' from your subjective experience.

Example: If you practice doing math calculations every day for a month, at the end of the month you will be able to do math calculations faster and more accurately than you could when you first started.

By doing something over and over, you develop stronger neural pathways for that particular skill or action. That means that the thought can flow down that neural pathway smoothly and easily without meeting resistance.

Mindfulness - key to brainpower?Mindfulness: If you practice mindfulness, at first it will be difficult. Your mind will resist. You will get distracted easily. But as you persist, you become better at it. You are able to be mindful for longer and longer periods. Eventually, this mindfulness is with you throughout the day. And some people are able to sustain their mindfulness into their sleep. This is a Tibetan Buddhist practice.

Mindfulness means you bring all of your awareness and attention to the present moment.

Your mental energy is raised. You are sharper, and more mentally alert. So this does indeed increase your brainpower.

Speed thinking is about pushing your mind to process information faster than it usually does. You have to invest effort to do it. Where there is effort in one direction, there is resistance in the opposite direction. It will feel hard to make your mind work faster. But we practice over and over, and we start to notice that we get better at it. We notice that we are able to think more quickly and respond faster in our daily lives too. When we practice, we get better at a skill. When we don't practice, we get worse at a skill. Use it or lose it, they say, and this is very true.

Speed thinking demands your attention and focus. You have to think fast. You push yourself against the limits of time. Again this raises your energy and your brainpower.

You ask what you can do to increase your brainpower. All change occurs in small increments. Don't worry about forgetting to do your exercises. JUst do them when you do remember. As you increase your focus on this subject, it will become more important to you. As it becomes more important to you, you will be more motivated to change, and you will make time to practice your brain training exercises.

What is the best method of thinking?

The best method of thinking is your way of thinkingFirst of all, make friends with your mind. Love and approve of yourself as you are. You have everything you need to think brilliantly and creatively. A good statement to repeat to yourself is, "My way of thinking works for me!"

Explore and learn about the different styles of thinking and how they might benefit your life.

Learn about creative thinking. And learn about critical thinking. Learn about strategic thinking. Learn about consciousness and awareness, meditation and so on. And from these you will develop your own 'best method' of thinking.

Thank you.

Wishing you the best of the best,

Wily Walnut

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