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Don’t Be A Lone Wolf,
Hunt With The Pack

Secret Number 10 of Thomas Edison's
Top Ten 'Million Dollar' Invention Strategies...

Thomas Edison Invention Strategy 10: Hunt with the Pack

10. Don’t Be A Lone Wolf, Hunt With The Pack!!!
The idea of the part-crazed inventor dreaming up some completely new product all on his own is deeply ingrained. But Thomas Edison rarely worked on any invention that wasn’t already being vigorously pursued by other inventors and manufacturers.

As well as drawing on the creativity of his mastermind alliance, Thomas Edison made sure that he knew a lot about what his competitors were doing. His great skill was being able to bring ideas to practical and profitable results.

The patent office is littered with useless inventions that nobody wants. All the great marketers today advise that you find a niche where you know there is a market. Sometimes you will create and dominate that niche with something entirely new but entirely relevant and immediately useful to a group of people. Oftentimes though, you are simply looking to improve upon what is already available.

I read a great story the other day courtesy of Allen Says of TheWarriorGroup.com in which he wrote about creating the product, service, information that YOU would like to buy, experience or see. If you create something that you want, then more than likely other people will want it to. Whatever your current business, look at it from the perspective of what would YOU want from it, how would YOU like to be treated, what would please YOU most.

Keeping abreast of current trends and how your competitors are responding to them, will keep you focussed in the profit zone. Thomas Edison loved the challenge of being the best in his field. Edison wanted more patents than anybody else. He wanted his name on inventions across the spectrum of human interest. In all his thinking, he took a creative delight in coming up with more alternative solutions to problems than anybody else. Thomas Edison thrived on the challenge of problems and solving them before his competitors did.

Get in there amongst the pack. Sniff out the major concerns of your market, what drives your customers, what they are hungry for. Notice where the big guns are pointing. And challenge your supreme mind to out-think, out-manoeuvre, and out-strip your peers as you move from mundane thinking to genius thinking.

Thomas Edison didn’t let a lack of schooling get in the way of his creativity. You too are a genius. Let your thinking roam free and be the genius you were born to be.


Thomas Alva Edison as portayed by Frank Attwood -- check it out!

See actorpreneur (love that!) Frank Attwood's brilliant portrayals
of Thomas Alva Edison at his website: http://www.attwoodasedison.com/



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