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How quickly do super breathing exercises increase IQ?

Bruce Lee-ified Super Breathing And Intelligence Gains

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Vickram G wrote to me seeking clarity regarding how he could boost his intelligence with super breathing exercises, as follows...

Vikram wrote:

(No Subject)‏
From: vickram 
Sent: 25 February 2004 00:16:50
To:  wily

First of all I would like to thank you for having the information available on increasing intelligence. The question I have is how long does it take to notice results with the Bruce Leeified breathing exercises (the superhighway to extroadinary mental powers). I have been trying it for a week and I still don't seem to think that well. However, after I finish doing it I seem to get a sort of magnetic feeling around the top of my head. So that is my question, and again I would like to thank you for the information because I have been trying to increase my intelligence for a long time.

Here is my reply:

Dear Vickram,

Thank you for your email and question.

I apologise for the delay in replying, as I have only just returned from a business trip to Germany.

The Bruce Leeified Brain Kung-Fu and the brainbubbles exercises all increase your capability for intelligence. The fact that you are feeling that magnetic feeling of the Chi (prana) around the top of your head is a great sign and shows you are doing the exercises properly.

Unless you have a scientific way of measuring the increase in intelligence or IQ through regular testing, it is quite hard to perceive the transformation of your intelligence unless someone else points it out.

Just as you were not really aware that you were growing taller when you were a child until a relative came to visit and said, "My goodness, how you've grown!"

If you persist with the exercises over time, you will appreciate the greater mental alertness and sharpness that the super breathing exercise gives you... the Chi masters teach it especially to students so that there academic careers are given a boost.

The increased Chi energy to the brain works its magic - but in a slow organic way -- if it happened too fast, you would become overwhelmed and confused. The ability to think well is something that has to be learned.

You could be given a formula one car with a super powerful engine that has the capacity to go 200 miles per hour in it...however unless you learn to drive, and then learn to drive a formula one car on a racetrack, you will never get the full use of the car.

The brain is a bit like that. These breathing exercises help to turn your brain into 'a formula one brain'... and you will automatically find you are thinking more powerfully, but you will need to learn to "drive" it to get the most from it.

At the moment, we have certain habitual ways of thinking and they work to a certain extent but have their limitations.

We have to practice thinking in constructive and creative ways. We have to learn when it is time to think rationally and logically, and when it is time to think laterally and "out of the box"...and we need to find ways of organising our thinking so that it is most effective and useful to us.

Genius is manifested and recognised through what we do and express. The more use you put your brain to, the more you will see its intelligence.

Regarding the Chi Kung breathing exercises, I recommend "The Art of Chi Kung" by Wong Kiew Kit, published by Element Books Limited, for detailed explanation.

Regarding building your creative intelligence, I recommendyou read this free e-book YOU ARE BRIGHTER THAN YOU THINK by Win Wenger, concerning the role of feedback in the growth of intelligence... http://www.winwenger.com/ebooks/bright.htm 

Regarding learning new habits of thinking and organising your intelliigence, I recommend the books of Edward de Bono, which are often available through your local library or you could try The Complete Guide To Genius.

I hope this is of some help to you.

I would love to hear about how you get on as you continue the practice and your explorations in increasing intelligence.

Thank you again for your encouraging email message and my very best wishes to you,

Wily Walnut

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