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Ray's Sex Transmutation Exercises and His Manifestation Results...

Discover how one dynamic reader is applying the SEX TRANSMUTATION secret to empower his creative visualization and manifest results!

(This is part 2 of A Player's Questions and Thoughts About Sexual Transmutation. This correspondence relates to my original article on Sex Transmutation: Sexual Energy into Genius. You might want to familiarize yourself with those first.)

Following on from our previous correspondence, Ray writes...

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008
From: Ray
Subject: Response Part 1
To: wily[at]wilywalnut.com

I will respond to your email in detail. But first, I must tell you what I did last night. After reading Hill's book and then reading and re-reading your column, I thought I'd try something.

I got myself really turned on (don't ask how) and went to bed. I lay perfectly flat and perfectly still and started to concentrate on nothing else but my breathing.

Now I have NEVER done this sort of thing before, so I have no idea what lead me to do this, but I made myself go into a very high state of concentration.

I thought of some of the women I had been with, this time avoiding all negative emotions and focusing only on the positive. Very much along the lines of 'goddess woman' you mentioned in your email. I concentrated on their beauty, their charm, their glowing skin, their eyes, their smile, everything that makes a woman attractive to a man.

Once I was in this turned on stage, I started the breathing exercise again.

I then did something else I have never done before. I started focusing my mental energies towards my goals.

In my mind's eye, I started visualizing the accomplishment of these goals. I started sending positive energy 'waves' towards people that may or not be helpful in helping me achieve my goals. I also started to see the solutions to my problems, from getting back that six pack to overcoming any of a number of annoyances, big and small.

Almost immediately, I got 2 superb ideas that I had never thought of before. I went to sleep with a huge grin on my face.

When I woke up today, I was full of energy and drive. As a result, I got more done in a few hours than I have in the last week. This sex transmutation is the real deal, Mr. Walnut! All voodoo like.

I will write more with my thoughts on your email, as well as any other mystical experiences I might have. Thank you for what you do, good sir.

Speak soon!



Here's my reply:

From: Wily Walnut <wily{at}wilywalnut.com>
Subject: RE: Response Part 1
To: Ray
Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2008, 4:53 AM

Hi Ray,
Wow! That's terrific!
Thank you for describing the exercise you came up with so clearly, and the immediate results you got from it. You've just outlined a perfect example of practical sex transmutation -- getting yourself into an excited and exhalted state and then applying that energy towards thinking about the fulfilment and achievement of your goals. Brilliant!
May I have your permission to share your experience with other readers? (I would just use your first name and no other details about you.)
Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences...
Warmest Regards,


Here's Ray's next reply:

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 14:11:10 -0700
From: Ray
Subject: RE: Response Part 1
To: Wily

Dear Guru,
Yes absolutely. You are welcome to share this with your readers. After all, it is through your method, and article, that I came to this realization. In fact, if I can contribute in any way to your site, I would be honored.
I will be making this 'midnight meditation' a habit from now on. I also am having fun with the idea of 'holding it in' (if you know what I mean). Just a little fun game I am playing with myself. We'll see how long I can go.
Another thing. The other night I focused my energy on this recruiter who interviewed me for a rather nice job, but didn't really follow up after her client went with another recruitment firm.
Now the recruiter happens to be a woman, and not bad looking at all. The other night, I sent a LOT of energy her way. I visualized her phone call/email. I visualized her actively working towards getting me a solid offer, and I also visualized her in shall we say an 'intimate' setting and winked at her with my mind's eye.
I kid you not, today I got an email from her with a fresh job offer! Coincidence?
I wonder just what really goes on in the spiritual plane when I am doing all this energy transmission. Is it just faith or is something really happening?
Either way, I am really having fun with this! You have a great day and I will talk to you soon!

To which, I replied:

Dear Ray,
I'n loving the way you are applying this material and getting solid results!
You have a gift for using your creative energy to manifest what you want, and for teaching that to others.
Thank you for sharing your experiences so that others can read about them and get inspired to 'give it a go' themselves.
In the Hawaain shaman traditions, before they did any visualization or manifestation work, they would first build energy, breathing deeply, and raising their energy level so that they were more empowered and revitalized.
Teachers from Napoleon Hill to the present-day 'Secret' crowd teach us to build a white hot passion for what we want, to visualize it as already achieved and rejoice in already having it in the prsesent.
Ray, you've pushed that to a new level by discovering that you can use the most powerful energy (sexual energy) to turbo-charge your visualizations. You are taking the raw creative energy that can give birth to new life and directing it into the creation of new forms and experiences in your daily reality. I think it's tremendously exciting to be a partner to your discoveries and experiences.

Keep it up! ;-)
Wishing you the best of the best,

More Thoughts On Sexuality and the Creative Muse

Ray replied on the subject of the muse (see part 1of our correspondence)

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008
From: Ray
Subject: RE: One more thing
To: Wily

Dear Wily,
Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful response. I have printed that email and have it up on my wall. I will read it whenever I need inspiration. You are so right. Most of us go through life on auto pilot, rarely ever pausing to think, and the only time we ever get out of second gear is when we meet that special someone. That's when we realize the power of love/lust/attraction. I am living proof. I was in love with this girl (the only real love of my life), and we never 'did it'. We just 'made out', held hands, gazed into each others eyes, lovey dovey stuff basically. The experience was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I now realize why.

What a shame that it took me so long to realize that the energy that one experiences through that particular emotion is so versatile (energy usually always is) that it can be channeled into anything and everything.

Thanks to your article I have fully actualized that emotion and understood the sheer power behind it.
I also understand the importance of having a muse now. It could be anyone, an actress, model, girl I saw on the train etc. The important thing is to keep that brain vibrating with energy, and there is none more positive or aggressive than sex energy!
It's funny you mentioned Stay Hungry. I was thinking the exact same thing myself. Two simple words, with profound meaning.
Once again, I must thank you for your website and the lovely detailed messages. You are now my guru and my guide. I see you are up in sunny Spain? I am in Washington DC myself. All the best and we will be in touch.

Wishing you continued success.

Here's my reply:

RE: One more thing‏
From: Wily Walnut
Sent: 17 July 2008 09:18:39
To:  Ray

Dear Ray,
You've got it! Mostly the most creative times of a relationship are in the flirtation, courtship stage when all your thoughts are corralled to one aim: being with that girl, looking at her, touching her, sharing with her, and bedding her.

If circumstances limit your physicality, the desire to 'be together' gets creative and finds other avenues for deepening your experiences together. She seeps into your heart and soul, you feel yourself buzzing with passionate energy, she becomes ever more desirable in your eyes. Your bioelectric energy body is lit up like a Christmas tree.

If you can stay with it, and recognize it, this is a blissful place to be: fully alive, in an exquisite agony of wanting even more!

We habitually train ourselves to get rid of desires as quickly as possible. Of course, we don't look at it like that. We think instead of getting what we want as quickly as possible. But 'the wanting' is where the pulse of life is felt most keenly. Feeling that desire, and living with it, prises open your consciousness so you feel more alive!
Yes, life is the muse. She'll pass you on the street like the sophisticated, oh-so-beautiful glossy blonde who stepped out on the limosine and glided past me on the street one boiling sultry day in Charleston, South Carolina, accompanied by her equally gorgeous, Amazonian, African-American friend... Or on an almost-deserted beach in Knockke-Heist, Belgium, 'the most beautiful girl in the world', dark long hair and in a bikini skips to the shoreline with her puppy and smiles at me... and is forever burned into my consciousness and memory. Or the rather plain looking mother holding her baby going past me on a high street on the Isle of Wight, England, looking me direct in the eyes and smiling a billion-dollar sweet smile. Or the tousled, damp-from-the-rain haired girl standing in my garage in Boca Raton her green eyes flashing with mischief, love and longing... Each of these... just a moment in time, but a moment in eternity as far as the spirit is concerned.
Stay hungry and your eyes will pick up the muse's signs, signals, smiles and winks.
Ray, I'm in UK at present, where today it's cool, damp and breezy. Heading back to Spain next week for some sun and fun.
Thank you again for your emails Ray, I'm so enjoying reading them and getting to know a bit more each time about you and your ideas and insights.
Warmest Regards,

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