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Retarded thoughts and what to do about them!

A reader wants to get rid of his 'dumb', 'stupid' thoughts and ideas...


Joey wrote again to ask:

I just was wondering if you could tell me or refer me to an article that solved the problem I have which is, how do I weed out retarded thoughts? I can usually stop them before they get out my lips but i dont even want to think thw way I think sometimes, Its just these retarded thoughts that come to me or ideas or whatever. Its hard on my self image and everything. I am not good at thinking of examples so if you want one of them you'll have to direct me to an article that you may or may not have published on thinking of examples. I just know that I got these retarded thoughts that mess up my communication and my thinking all together, immature or just stupid, thoughts.... Do you have a remedy for that? It must have to do with thought discipline.

Here is my reply:

Dear Joey,

By 'retarded thoughts' I presume you mean juvenile, immature, vulgar, dumbass! The best advice is not to worry about it - you don't own your thoughts - they happen in a stream. Especially the 'retarded' ones. If you are in or have been in the company of people who talk in a dumbass way, it's gonna rub off, you are going to start speaking like them so that you can be one of the gang and fit in. So that is part of your subconscious input.

We all have shitty thoughts. Or the capacity for them. Just remember that roses grow best with a good helping of manure (shit!) in the soil. And diamonds are found in the dirt. What I mean by that is that you don't need to judge and disapprove of your thoughts. Simply observe them in a detached manner. Take 5 minutes a day, just to watch your mind. Watch thoughts come and go like birds flying into and out of a garden. Or like clouds passing across the sky. Just watch. No judgements. Just watching...

If your "retarded thoughts" are causing a problem socially, then like you say, you just need to develop 'mouth discipline' and not express them when it is inappropriate.

Then you just focus on getting better ideas, and better thoughts. Get an idea book. Start thinking of yourself as a genius. Not that you will become a genius, but that you are a creative genius right now. And give yourself permission to have good ideas. Start to think about things that you think are important. Start to think about the things that you know are not retarded. Give yourself time and opportunity to do your creative thinking and/or philosophising about weightier, deeper matters.

As you do that you will change the habits of your thinking. You will become more preoccupied with thinking creatively and developing your insight. Your mind will change and the retarded thinking will fall away so it is no longer an issue.

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Wishing You the Best of the Best,

Wily Walnut

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