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Remote Viewing To Steal Creative Ideas From the Future

How to 'mine the future' for creative gold and harvest brilliant ideas with remote viewing

This article explores the idea of remote viewing the future to harvest ideas and breakthroughs that haven't happened yet, 'steal' them from their future originators and fasttrack them to the present for fame, fortune and, most of all, FUN!

Remote viewing is the practice of using the psychic power of clairvoyance to 'view' remote locations and report back with detailed information about that location. Remote viewing practitioners claim to be able to view people, places and things not only in the present time, but also in the past and, most intriguingly for creative thinkers, in the future.


Remote viewing (RV) is a procedure developed by parapsychologists at the Stanford Research Institute to allegedly perform clairvoyance under controlled conditions.

Somewhat similar to astral projection, the phenomenon involves a belief in the projection of consciousness to remote locations.

For full description see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_viewing

Remote viewing the futureMINING THE FUTURE
The future is out there with billions and billions of new ideas, wonderful innovations, and creative breakthroughs that will blow your mind. Think of it as a ripe field just waiting to be harvested. Or as an untapped gold mine just waiting for YOU to stake your claim and start digging out that creative idea gold. The beauty of it is that while everyone is scurrying around prospecting the present, trying to grab a piece of the pie today, you can be one of the rare geniuses who thinks outside of the box of the present and seeks instead the glories of the future.

As creative idea prospectors, we don't sit around waiting for a pseudo-science like remote viewing to be proven as fact. Instead we look at the available evidence, anecdotal as it may be, and think, how can we use this? We put it into use because we know at the very least it will stretch our minds a little and make us more creative in the process. Sceptic's may pour scorn on remote viewing (and it is always worth hearing their arguments as that increases your critical thinking abilities,) but creative thinkers are free to embrace it and use it to stimulate ideas.

We are going to use the concept of remote viewing the future to harvest ideas. Whether there is any provable validity to this mission is irrelevant. All we need to get is new ideas -- and I can assure you that the infinite creative mind will always provide those. This may just happen to be a great creative thinking tool. But on the other hand, what if you can really read the future and divine it's treasures? What if you can actually learn remote viewing the future, and YOU are the one who discovers an idea out there in all our tomorrows which changes the world today for the better?

Before we get into remote viewing exercises that will get you 'out there', it's useful to consider TIME. Time is largely an idea. There is only NOW, from an experiential consciousness point of view. But, somehow, wrapped up in this NOW is the past and the future. Christopher Westra has wriiten a fascinating ebook on this holographic concept of time in which he discusses how you can master holographic time to gain extreme wealth and peace. I bought it a couple of days ago and am very pleased that I did. It has many unique and powerful concepts that can enlighten your interaction with life and your ability to create what you want. See: Realms of Joy -- Time of Light.

The key thing to remember with the future is that it is not set in stone. It is moving and changing shape every moment. Everything and everybody alive is influencing and shaping the future. And it's important to realise that even tiny insignificant things can have a huge impact on the future. For instance, a friend could be thinking of going into medicine... you know, just toying with the idea. And you might make some innocuous negative remark about doctors (because you've just received a high medical bill). You don't even think about it, but that remark has gone in at a time when the germ of the idea was fragile in her mind and it kills the idea for her, or starts the process of it's demise. That friend could have gone on to strengthen her interest in medicine. She might have trained as a doctor and interacted with other medical people in some way that caused them to discover a medicine that saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Or she might have become a nurse who inspired a surgeon to develop new surgical techniques. The point is that the future is changing every second and you are influencing it. The future then is one of infinite possibilities. You can think of different dimensions... with the future splitting into infinite different dimensions with different possibilities occuring in each dimension.

By remote viewing the future, you will actually be performing a service for others because you will be able to cherry pick creative ideas that may never have come into fruition if you didn't grab them now! With remote viewing into the future, you are always looking through a window that may not be showing the same view a minute from now.

The future is infinite so you need to know what you are looking for before you go out there. You are like an "Indiana Jones", heading out into the wild jungle searching for a treasure. If you don't have a plan and a purpose, you can hack around in the forests but you'll get exhausted and go round and round in circles. So, you are going to want to know what area you are going to look in. You could look into the future of your industry to see what developments are being made. You could look at information products. Or see what communication networks have been invented. You could go to specific towns. Look at airports or visit a certain type of shop in the future and browse around. You could even visit specific people, like the head of the army, the most popular entertainer, or the President in 2050. Just like Indiana Jones, you want to have done your research before you head out. Know what it is you are looking for. Of course, you also need to leave room to be surprised. After all, you have nothing today to compare with the inventions of tomorrow!

Before you go off remote viewing the future, consider this, some ideas that you harvest will be so advanced that people today won't know how to relate to them. Cultures and societies change and mutate constantly. You can see that by looking back to the past. Things that were radical and 'wow' to young people in the 1950's seem boring and uninteresting to us today, and probably were boring to older generations in the 1950's too. So, while it is very mind expanding and good for your personal creative thinking to mine ideas from the far future, you may be better off sticking 'closer to home'. If you remote view the future 2-20 years from now, you can find millions of ideas that will be more readily sellable to today's market. With all new ideas though, you will have to engage in a certain amount of educating the public to the value of the idea (ie. marketing!).

Here's an idea for staying close to the present and profiting from the ideas that you are able to harvest with remote viewing. What if you remote view specific people that you know are big shots today? You could float around in the future seeing what Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg or Steven King is going to come out with next! For all you internet marketing junkies out there, you could remote view the next big thing on the internet and be the one who makes the next big thing happen now today. You could out-wit Armand Morin, out-fox John Reese or out-sell Stephen Pierce. You could remote view specific companies like Sony or Microsoft or Virgin or IBM and see what things they come out with. Here's a naughty concept. What it you remote view these ideas from their future and then sell them back to the person or company, in the present, today? Hmmmm, is that tasty or what?! Don't worry about the ethics of this. In the realm of infinite possibilities there is no ownership until you make it yours.

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How to do Remote Viewing

Here is the best way to learn and test remote viewing for yourself:

How to do remote viewing1. Find a quiet place
You will need to be able to concentrate in order to get the feel for remote viewing. So, if you can, find a room where you can minimise the stimulation as much as possible. That means you want to make the room dark, quiet and you need to be comfortable enough to forget your body but not so comfortable that you will fall asleep.

2. Choose your target
To make remote viewing as authentic as possible most remote viewers get given a mission folder with the target co-ordinates in it. You will probably be working on this on your own, so you need to set up your mission before hand. Let's say you have decided to remote view the internet 5 years from now, and you are particularly interested in finding out what products have come out in your particular niche, which is for example "pet care". Your co-ordinates are a computer, google, search phrase: pet care. Then you remote view the search results and look at the ads, follow the ads to the websites to view the products, You can then remote view the products in 'real life' offline.

3. Relax and go into an altered state
You need to be in a trance-like state to remote view effectively. 'Trance-like' does not mean zombie, it doesn't mean hypnotised into brain mush, it simple means deeply relaxed and focused upon what you are doing. The simplest way to go into an altered state is to use something like the Silva Method which takes you into 'alpha' (where your brainwaves adjust to produce more alpha brainwaves which are condusive to imagination, psychic phenomena and cool spooky stuff!). To do this, simply sit in a comfy chair, or lie on a bed, get comfortable, relax your body and count slowly backwards from 100-to-0. When you reach zero, you are in the altered alpha state. There are deepening techniques which can get you into the altered state faster and get you producing theta-delta waves too, which ramp up your psychic abilities. To learn these check out the Silva Method teachings. Or just use an brainwave binaural beat CD to help you tune into the altered state.

4. Focus on your mission and start remote viewing
In your deep state of relaxation, begin to focus on your mission co-ordinates and start remote viewing. Just allow your mind to 'travel' to that place and time, and start to 'look' around. Trust what you see, hear and feel. The best way to proceed is with total confidence that:

  • You can remote view
  • Whatever you experience is right
  • Your unconscious mind knows what to do
  • Your unconscious mind will fill in the gaps
  • You will get creative ideas from the future or wherever

5. Record the ideas that you have harvested from the future
As with all ideas, the sooner you record them the better, as they will slip away from you otherwise. You can either describe aloud as you are remote viewing and record your voice onto tape / PC, or write down your notes as soon as you have finished, or actually sketch what you are seeing as you are seeing it. You may want to do all three. By recording your ideas, you send a powerful signal to your mind that this is important to you. This sets up a kind of biofeedback loop which strengthens your ability to remote vew. The mind is a tremendously willing servant and given the chance it will leap at the chance to perform wonderful tricks for you and exercise its amazing abilities. Think of your mind as a happy dog that just wants you to throw the ball so it can run and fetch it. Your remote viewing co-ordinates are the ball. You throw it into the future and the mind gallops off into the future to bring it back to you. And recording your ideas is like patting that dog, that is it's reward.

This is a very basic description of how to do remote viewing to harvest brilliant ideas from the future. Don't worry about whether you know enough, or have enough detail on how to do it. Just give it a try. Play with it. Let your mind have fun with this and see what you can discover. If you really want to find out more about remote viewing, there are many excellent courses available that will teach you how to learn this amazing skill in a very practical and demonstratable way. The CIA thought enough of remote viewing to spend millions of dollars on secret remote viewing groups that they used to 'spy' on their 'enemies'. Many goverments around the world still employ remote viewing and remote influencing to gain advantages over their rivals. Why don't YOU learn this amazing skill and use remote viewing in positive, life-enhancing, and creative ways?

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