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"Have YOU Thrown These Dynamic Thinking Dice Yet? Discover The PPO Instant Creativity Cubes That Turn-On Genius!"

Introducing the easy-to-use PPO Cubes for instant creative thinking...

When I received an email from Ted Theodore telling me about his PPO Cubes, I thought, "Uh-oh, what's this gonna be all about?!" For one thing I was mired down in some fairly brain numbing work and my mind was chug-chug-chugging like a 50-year-old tractor. And here was Ted talking about this creative concept of his called Personal Pattern Overlay (PPO for short) and, me being a lazy bum by nature, I was reluctant to even start thinking about it. But I'm sure glad that I did, and here's why...

Turns out that Ted Theodore has invented these super little creativity tools that we can all use to access our inner genius almost instantly and whenever we want to. He calls them PPO Cubes and what it is, basically, is a multi-faceted dice that you throw and stimulate your brain's natural brilliance with.

PPO Cube for Creative Thinking

How does it work?

...So glad you asked!

There are 12 faces to the cube or dice (the fancy name for this shape is dodecahedron -- but that sounds too much like some monster from a Harry Potter book to me!). On each face of the dice is a colored sticker and on each sticker you write the name of a subject that you know quite a lot about and which you have experience of. So, you might put your hobbies on there (eg. Stamp collecting, building model planes, crocheting etc), various jobs that you have trained in and worked as (eg. pilot, pornstar, priest! etc), things that you have studied (eg. Theoretical Physics, dog grooming, wallpaper design in the 1890's etc), sports that you do (eg. Extreme Ironing, tennis, snooker, midget wrestling etc) and so on until you have something written on each facet of the PPO Cube.

As I understand it, Personal Pattern Overlay means using your personal knowledge from one field of experience and applying it to a different field. Thus, when you are trying to overcome a problem in one area, or are searching for a new idea in a certain field, you throw the PPO Cube (PPO whadda what? I'm trying to convince Ted to rename them Instant Creativity Cubes or Dynamic Thinking Dice - go to his site and tell him what YOU think!) and you look at the face that is showing on top and start thinking about your problem, or search for new ideas within your field, by applying your knowledge from that other field.

Ted gave me a much more succinct definition. He explains PPO as: "Taking your own (Personal) knowledge and life experiences (Patterns) and laying them  on top (Overlay) of the problems you have to see how they connect."

Did you see that word at the end there? Connect? Connections are my life blood where creativity is concerned and I think the PPO Cubes are terrific talismans to carry around and use to stimulate new connections between things!

Read my mini-interview with Ted Theodore about the Personal Pattern Overlay concept and his PPO Cubes...

I've got a PPO Cube on my desk here. I gave another one to my friend Jack who was facing a family challenge. Jack dutifully filled out the colored stickers so that each of the 12 faces of his Instant Genius Generator (there's another one for you, Ted!) carried a subject that he had experience of.

Jack's challenge was that his son seemed to be falling behind at school and he was worried and wanted to to do something about it. He threw the dice, and it came up with Weight Training/Bodybuilding. So he started to think, "Hmm how does weight training and bodybuilding connect to helping my son get enthused about learning and doing well at school again?"

Soon Jack started seeing connections.

In weight training, the very first thing you do before you start is to assess the condition of your body right now. You take a good long look in the mirror and see what is really there. So Jack realised that together with his son he needed to assess where the boy was, what the problems were and only then could they decide what to do about it.

Jack took the bodybuilding PPO further. Once you have assessed where you are, you decide where you want to go. You set a goal of what you want to achieve. So he and his son talked about it, and they set a clear goal together.

In bodybuilding, when you set a goal, you try and get a mental picture of the end result and what it will mean to have achieved the goal. Usually, you will look around for a role model, someone you admire and can emulate - someone you want to BE like. You then figure out a plan - how you will do it, the methods you will use. You then gather the tools (weights, gloves, bench press) or get the environment (gym) that you need to workout with. You set a timetable, get additional knowledge or instruction and then you start doing workouts. Regularly! And in the workouts, you challenge your muscles to grow with steadily increasing weights and repetitions of movements. In weight training, there is an ego reward - you get to see your body changing and becoming more "buff" - you look and feel good. And to make progress you also need to pay attention to getting sufficient rest, having great nutrition from your diet and keeping up with your visualisation of what you want to achieve.

Jack saw how all those things could relate to his son's situation. Together they could set goals, developing a clear picture of the end result - what was expected of his son. They could get his son a role model to emulate and be like. They could figure out a plan to help the boy improve and overcome the things that were bothering him. Jack would support him with any tools he needed for school projects (computer software etc) and an environment more condusive to study and homework. They could get a trainer (tutor) to help the boy catch up in subjects that he was struggling in. And he would work on certain subjects regularly, building up his ability and knowldge in each subject until he was stronger in that subject. Jack would also use masses of positive feedback and encouragement to reward the boy's efforts and help him to see himself in a new more positive light - as a A-grade student, someone who excels. Also they could explore using brain enhancing nutrients and vitamins and proper diet, and make sure the boy was sleeping enough.

That's just a simple example of putting the PPO Cubes into action - using the personal knowledge/experience patterns of one part of your life and overlaying them on another part of your life to see how they might connect in new ways.

Do you start to see the beauty of how the Instant Creativity PPO Cubes work? Go to Ted's website on PPO Cubes for further info or see my mini-interview with Ted Theodore!

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