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Using the Law of Attraction to Get Everything You Want and Avoid What You DON'T want!

How an "Unconditional Friend" from Italy gave me his secret to manifesting success, getting rich and attracting the life of my dreams...

The secret to getting everything you want is very simple, according to Giampaolo Coppari, a reader of this website from Italy, who wrote and introduced me to his free ebook on the Law of Attraction.

Giampaolo Coppari has written The What You Want Way. This short but powerful 13-page ebook emphasises the secret to getting anything you want in life but starts off by asking you whether you keep getting what you DON'T want?

That's a familiar and sorry tale for many of us. We often seem to have more 'success' getting what we DON'T want than what we DO want!

Why is that?

Why do we get more hassles and bad things happening, than happy times and good things happening?

According to Giampaulo, it is because of one Law that can be applied to get what we DO want, but can also be misapplied to continually manifest what we DON'T want.

That Law is the Law of Attraction and it is initiated by where you put your attention.

In Mr Coppari's success ebook, there is a powerful line:

You are a Creator and always Create in accord with Your ATTENTION.

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He explains that the Law of Attraction does not comprehend a negative so if you are paying attention to your worries and fears and the things that you DON'T want, it simply experiences your energy pourring towards those things you DON'T want and manifest more of them in your life.

Whatever you put your attention on grows and expands in your life, according to this teaching.

Now, if I was feeling especially mischievous, I might be tempted to say that my penis would be 10 ft long if this were true ... however, I seriously doubt that it is going to grow another 8.5 ft (think about it! ee-yaw! ee-yaw!)

If you are interested in systems like the Joe Vitale's The Attractor Factor, or the Abraham-Hicks teachings on The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, or Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting, or any system that teaches you to materialise your desires, get rich through the power of your mind, or achieve all your goals, then I encourage you to look at Giampaolo Coppari's focused little ebook. It is powerful and distills the teachings on the Law of Attraction right down to it's most important aspects. It's free to download so you have nothing to lose. The book is translated from Italian to English and if you read it with that understanding and focus on the message you will get much value from it. I particularly like the way that Giampaolo signs off his ebook with, I AM Your Unconditional Friend.

Get your free ebook on the Law of Attraction, 

courtesy of Giampaolo Coppari, here:

The What You Want Way


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