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Part One - Innate Intelligence : Part Two - How to access your innate intelligence

Innate Intelligence: Your Higher Power and the Assumption of Innate Intelligence and Knowledge

How to access your 'omniscient higher self' and utilise your all-knowing pure intuition mindpower!

What if you had innate intelligence and knowledge that you could call upon at will?  Imagine knowing the answers to any problem. Imagine having the solution to any challenge.  Imagine being, for all intents and purposes, omniscient.  Wouldn't that be cool?

The Presumption of Innate Knowledge
Here's a great way to access more of your genius. It requires that you presume or assume that you are connected to a source of Infinite Intelligence. If your beliefs include a spiritual component, it will be easier for you to readily acknowledge your direct link to God, Allah, the Tao, the Universe, the Source or Infinite Being. If you are agnostically inclined, just 'stall your twig' and treat this as an experimental exercise. You can simply imagine that we are going to draw upon the as-yet unknown powers of the human mind.

Innate Intelligence

Tip of the Iceberg
Brain research clearly shows that your conscious thinking takes up only a small percentage of your brain activity. There's a whole lot going on that is totally unconscious. That means you don't even know about most of your mind's activity. Mind researcher, Win Wenger, looked at this and identified what he calls 'sidebands of thought'. You know that voice in your head, your thinking voice? He says that is just one of up to 23 channels of thought that he has counted going on simultaneously. Clearly there is a lot going on in your head. Isn't it great knowing you're a multi-layered complex being? Hey...you're deep!

Kahuna Knowing
Within the ancient Hawaiian shamanistic practice of Huna, they profess a belief in the mind being made up of three parts. There is the normal conscious mind. There is the subconscious mind. And there is the super-conscious mind or higher self.

The Hunas reckon the conscious mind can communicate with the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind can communicate with the super-conscious mind. The super-conscious, let's call it the Higher Self, is all-knowing and all-powerful. It is equivalent to the omniscient and omnipotent 'God'.

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If you or I want to communicate with that mind, the Huna say we have to do that via the subconcious mind. We would do that with breathing exercises, visualisation and affirmations to transmit our goal to the subconscious mind.

It would, in turn, relate that information to the Higher Self and call upon its power to achieve the end result. If we needed special information to help achieve our goal, whether it be to heal an illness, manifest a prize or improve grades, that knowledge would come through the subconscious mind in the form of visions, dreams, intuitions, hunches or synchronicity.

Jung's Collective Unconscious
The psychiatrist, Carl Jung, came up with the idea of the collective unconscious. He studied people all over the world. He listened to their dreams, their tribal stories and their fears and hopes. It struck him that there were similar themes wherever he went. His investigations into symbolism and the psychological processes of mankind led him to conclude there was a shared pool of knowledge. A pool of archetypal ideas that we all tap into, particularly in our sleep when we dream. He called this the Universal Collective Unconscious Mind. You can think of it as the ultimate search engine if you like. A sort of unlimited Google, made of the knowledge and learnings of every human being that ever lived. Just like the internet, this matrix web of inter-connecting computers sharing information, Jung said we are all connected. What happens to one happens to all. We can share knowledge at the unconscious level. Mind blowing idea, isn't it?

Let's get metaphysical
Religions have always said, God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere present. Let's just deconstruct that for a moment and see what it really means to You and me.

God, this underlying Infinite Being, the source energy, is all-powerful. That means it is capable of doing absolutely anything, without limits. And God is omniscient, it knows everything, it has infinite knowledge. Finally it is, wait for it, omnipresent!

That means God is present everywhere in everything and there is nothing that is not made of God. To say otherwise would be to deny God's omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience.

Okay, so being clear on that, let's turn a little light on you and ask, well, what are you? From a metaphysical stance, the only logical answer is YOU ARE GOD.

Now the 'Ah buts...' will scream at that saying you aren't the totality of God. However, physicist David Bohm speculated that the Universe employs holographic principles in its operation. He believed that there is an implicate wholeness within every part of the universe. This is like the old Hermetic principle of 'as above, so below'. It means that even the part (You) contains the whole (God).

Somewhere inside you, you are connected to all that is. Let's work with that idea.

Pure intuition inner learning
Pure intuition is an amazing thing. It is an aperception of knowledge perceived as a whole. The difference between pure intuition and ordinary conscious knowledge is like the difference between knowing a whole law degree course and knowing that you spell attorney with two t's! In my experience, and from what I've read and studied on the subject, there are at least two types of intuition: kinesthetic intuition and 'mental plane' pure intuition.

Kinesthetic intuition is the kind of innate body knowledge that is employed by kinesology muscle testing, dowsing, biofeedback or plain old gut feeling. It's instinctual and hard-wired into your mammalian body from prehistoric times.

Mental plane pure intuition is a kind of Yogic idea that comes from long term meditators. It says that through deep meditation you can access levels of knowledge where you absorb whole blocks of understanding. It is the spontanous perception of everything there is to know on a particular subject. It is the big picture overview that is characteristic of insights, enlightenment and spiritual revelation.

I'm also aware of the idea that there is an unconscious acquisition of knowledge through general living, plus long term experience within a particular field, that can also be drawn upon. However I would put this in under the first category of intuition as it is something that occurs in your biology, and through your daily living. It is acquired knowledge that has gone unconscious until the time of intuitive insight.

Pure intuition gets Aristotle's vote
Aristotle believed that there were 4 ways we can discover truth.
1) Scientific reasoning.
2) Practical reasoning.
3) Philosophical reasoning.
4) Intuitive reasoning.

Of these , he maintained that only intuitive reasoning revealed Universal Truths because it was the direct apprehension of truth, free from faulty logic or false reasoning.

The Hypnosis Master
Milton Erickson was a master of hypnosis with deep insight and understanding of the human mind. He developed a tremendous rapport with his own unconscious mind and used hypnosis to allow his patients to trust their unconscious resources to create beneficial changes in their lives. Erickson himself frequently utilised his unconscious resourcefulness to get things done. In the book, My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson M.D, there are several examples. Erickson would put himself into a hypnotic trance and ask his unconscious mind to 'do it for him'. He developed a tremendous TRUST in his mind. He trusted it to say the right thing at the right time when he was asked to make speeches or treat a difficult patient. He used it to write complex reports - he'd wake up with the completed report on his lap and not remember writing it! I recommend that book. It is one of my favourites and is so insightful.

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Trust the darkness
Doug Bench has ploughed through all the latest brain research to formulate the principles in his Science For Success system. One of his most powerful insights for success, he calls 'Trust The Darkness'. This relates totally to your unconscious mind and the resourcefulness that Milton Erickson called upon. The basis of this idea is that you know a lot more than you think you know! Over a lifetime your brain picks up all kind of knowledge, experience and information. The brain research suggests that NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN. The unconscious mind can access all that information at will. By learning to trust your unconscious mind, you can call upon that information in times of need.

Continue to part two: How to Access Your Innate Intelligence in Practice

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