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Innate Intelligence Part One: Innate Intelligence Part Two

How to Access Your Innate Intelligence in Practice

Tools to access your innate intelligence

We talked in part one about innate intelligence and how various peoples have learned to access it. Here now are some simple guidelines to help you access your innate intelligence whenever you want to.

1. Presumption of Innate Knowledge
When you are faced with a challenge, presume that you know the answer. Presume that you have all the resources within and around you to resolve this problem. Presuming that you have an all-knowing self is the perfect way to 'prime' your thinking motor. It gives you confidence. It opens inner doorways. You can only receive pure intuition into an open mind. People with closed minds never get to experience intuition. Your innate intelligence needs your co-operation in order to manifest. Presuming your omniscience is a great way to get started.

2. Assumption of Innate Intelligence
Another 'attitude adjuster' is to assume the role of someone who knows. In the previous section, we explored the basis for the idea that you have an all-knowing self. In practice, we assume that mantle of wisdom. We don the guise of a being who has access to super-conscious intelligence. We act 'as if'. We become the person who can do it, the person who knows the answers. You will be astonished if you work with this. You'll engage the powerful motors of your inner authority. You will speak from pure intuition and your words will carry extraordinary power and wisdom. Sometimes we only discover our true power when we are forced into situations that make us live on our wits. That's exactly what YOU want to do. Start speaking from the seat of your pants... there will be times when you are a total human craptivator but you will get better and better at speaking from your pure intuitive knowing.

3. Developing Trust in Your Innate Intelligence
Building trust in your intuition and ability to access inner knowledge is important. You have to overcome your doubt and scepticism. There is risk involved. You will feel vulnerable letting go of the sides of your familiar reality. But trust has always been a process of just letting go. This speaks to a basic concept: do you feel safe in the world? Einstein once remarked that this was the fundamental question facing humanity: 'Is the universe a friendly place?' How you answer that question will depend on the mental frame or paradigm that you view the universe through. To achieve the benefits of being able to access innate intelligence, you will need to adopt the harmonoid belief that, at all times, the universe is conspiring to help you. Developing trust in your innate intelligence requires a beliefs adjustment and a big picture philosophy that puts you down as a spiritual being having a human experience. In other words, you are much more than you think you are. Accept that and live from that idea. Let go of the sides. Flow with your pure intuition.

4. Tools to Amplify Innate Body Knowledge
You can amplify the innate knowledge wrapped up in your biology so that you can more clearly know it. Kinesiology uses muscle-testing to get yes-no-maybe responses to specifically phrased questions. Most kinesiologists use this to diagnose health conditions and prescribe natural remedies. Dr David Hawkins claims to have used kinesiology to access universal knowledge and create a map of consciousness. Dowsers amplify the body's innate knowledge using the pendulum, dowsing rods or pre-programmed physical cues such as twitching of right or left thumb (for FREE report on this 'Mental Pendulum' technique, click HERE) to get answers to everything from where oil, water or kidnapped children are located to whether you have an allergy to oats and pears! Biofeedback machines can also amplify your innate wisdom. A biofeedback machine can register and record micro-changes in your body that you are consciously unaware of. They can plot changes in your brainwaves, skin tension, sweating, eye pupil dilation and a host of other useful signals. These can be harnessed to provide yes-no answers similar to dowsing and kinesiology, or to demostrate that your body knows ahead of your conscious mind. Read Malcolm Gladwell's Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking.

5. Tuning In To Pure Intuition
The first and obvious recommendation is meditation. Patanjali codified the art of meditation in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali around 200 B.C. Here's a quote:

"He who has realised the distinction between the subtlest level of his mind, which is translucent intellect, and the Self, enjoys supremacy over all creation. Nothing remains unknown to him."

Meditation must be extended beyond the time when you are sitting down with your eyes closed. You need to develop mindfulness also. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware in the present moment of what you are doing and what is going on in and around you. When you practice mindfulness, a subtle energy starts to permeate you. You are becoming permanently tuned-in. Intuition will flow.

If you can maintain awareness from meditation into mindfulness through the day, the next stage is to extend it into sleep. This is where you want to develop the capacity to have lucid dreams. In the West, we learn to control our lucid dreams for our own deviant pleasure and learning experiences. Tibetan Buddhists take a purer approach as described in 'Dream Yoga and the Practise of Natural Light'.

Western dream knowledge focuses on the symbolism of dreams. The unconscious mind conveys it's knowledge to use in symbols. Your intuition will most frequently function by sending you symbolic messages. It's not being deliberately 'difficult', this is just the language it uses most. Don't get suckered in by the various dream interpretation manuals out there. While there are universal symbols, it's more likely that your mind will talk to you in symbols that are meaningful to you. Symbolic messages are multi-layered too, containg many levels of meaning and implication. The best guide I have come across for working with dreams is Your Sleeping Genius by Dr Gayle Delaney.

Work with these attitudes, beliefs, tools and techniques to tap into your pure intuition and access your innate intelligence. You'll surprise yourself, I assure you!

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