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Having an Out Of Body Experience and how YOU can get in the Fast Lane to the Astral Plane

Revealed: My astral travelling adventures!

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Purpose: To expand your horizons, smash your limitations and generally blow your mind!

Background: It amuses me to think that some of the most extraordinary events of my lifetimes have been had while I was not actually IN my physical body!

My first out-of-body experience happened in my late teens when I drove continuously from Calais, France to Marbella, Spain (just over a thousand miles) in about 24 hours with no sleep. When I arrived, shattered, at my destination, I went to bed and almost immediately found myself floating on the ceiling looking down at my body.

It was an extraordinary feeling, as you can imagine!

I floated through the wall and past the people in the next room and then with a whoosh shot up into the nght sky, gathering speed and feeling totally exhilarated.

I then joyously swooped down skimming over the moonlit Mediterranean Sea. I played for what seemed like an hour then I suddenly had a worrisome thought... "How do I get back to my body?"

A moment of panic gripped me but I headed back at lightning speed and, before I knew it, I'd crash landed back in my body.

Right way up, thank goodness!

It was a life-changing, mind-expanding, totally liberating experience of the highest order and I have repeated it at times over the years and have had some amazing adventures and enlightening encounters with wise beings from around the Universes.

It's an experience I think everyone should share.


1. Think about and become comfortable with the ideas
of having an out of body experience. Deliberately
stimulating an out of body experience is called "astral

2. To seed the idea further, when you go to bed, use a
simple relaxation technique (see Brain Squeezer 008) and
then just imagine what it would be like to stand up and
leave your physical body on the bed.

3. Play with this idea. You can imagine shooting out of
the top of your head. You can imagine what it must feel
like to float above your body or sink down through the
bed. These things won't neccessarily spark astral
projection but they will help lay the idea down in your
subconscious mind, which will help you draw the
experience to you.

I know many of you are not interested in paranormal
activities. However, this is an experience that is mind
expanding and I know that YOU are definitely interested
in living to your full potential. My premise is that you
may not even have dreamed what your full potential
really is. So, continue to explore...


I have come across a FREE 5-Part video series that answers almost any question you might have on Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences:

It's a massive video series that contains 240 Astral Projection questions / answers, so if you are at all freaked out by the thought of having an out of body experience, this resource will have the answers to put your mind at peace and steer you towards having the most delightful experiences of your life.

This series will be very helpful to anyone who would like to know more about Astral projection - regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert!

Abhi, the guy who has created this video series, is an expert Astral Projector, with over 15 years of experience. So he knows what he is talking about!

I am not sure why is he giving away such a valuable resource for free. But I advise you to download it right away before he decides to charge for it!

Here is the link once again.



One of my friends is nicknamed "Mike The Psych". He is a total freak who perceives ghosts, reads mind and sees the future. He can also have an out of
body experience at the drop of a hat, even while he is apparently wide awake and moving around.

This is most disconcerting when he is driving, which is why I now refuse to travel in his car despite the fact he always arrives at his destination safely.
He just has no idea how!

I can't tell you how bizarre it was this one time when I found myself a passenger as his eerily silent body navigated heavy traffic while his consciousness was off on the other side of the galaxy dancing with the
cosmic gods!

I thought I was going to end up permanently out of MY body but his unconscious mind was in control of the car and Mike "dropped back in" about a minute after we arrived at our destination!

Whacky old world, isn't it? Get exploring!


Upwards and outwards,
Wily Walnut

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