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Gingko Biloba & Brain Nutrition

Will taking Gingko Biloba help me study?

Human Brain against background of Gingko Biloba leaves

Vickram G followed up his first question (see Super Breathing Exercises and Intelligence Question) with another as follows...

Vickram replies:

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From: vickram g
Sent: 01 March 2004 22:39:55
To:  wily[at]wilywalnut.com

Hi it is vick here.
I would first of all like to thank you for the information you sent me, it was very helpful. The question which I have is, should I use Ginko Biloba? It is one of those herbal things which helps with memory. I want to know if it works and if it is harmful. The reason I am asking is because I take college courses and a lot of memorization of terms and concepts is required, and I have a hard time remembering such things. Once again I would like to thank you very much for the helpful information you sent me in your previous e-mail.

Here is my reply:

Hi Vickram,


Gingko Biloba is a valuable herb to take. It has also been declared very safe with only minor and reversible side-affects such as nausea if taken to excess.

The only exception to this is if you have a known bleeding disorder, a history of hemorrhagic stroke, or are taking medications for heart diseaese - in this instance it is advised that you consult your doctor before taking Gingko Biloba.

While studying, one of the most important things is to maintain stable blood sugar. High blood sugar or low blood sugar will affect your moods, alertness and ability to remember.

Foods that are high in the glycemic index are likely to give you high blood sugar, followed by low blood sugar - a sudden rush or peak of energy followed quickly by lack of energy... the ideal diet to follow is epitomsed by the Zone Diet ... you can get information about this at http://www.drsears.com or http://www.zoneperfect.com


Brain nutrition A great book to refer to dealing with brain diet and brain nutrition is: YOUR MIRACLE BRAIN by Jean Carper.
In it she recommends these ten ways to feed your brain what it really wants:

1. Make fruit and vegetables the major part of your diet.
2. Eat poultry without skin, or lean meats.

3. Eat dried beans - legumes of all kinds, including peanuts (unsalted).

4. Eat nuts, notably walnuts and almonds.

5. Eat fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel etc)

6. Restrict Omega-6 fats (especially corn oil), hydrogenatedvegetable oils, and trans fatty acids.

7. Restrict sugar and sodium.

8. Restrict processed foods.

9. Take vitamin-mineral supplements.

10. Take fish oil capsules, especially if you don't eat fish several times a week.


She also recommends the memory revitaliser b-vitamin...folic acid taken in association with Vit B12... and she says to take Vit B6 as a memory loss antidote.


Further to this, I hope you are using mind maps as a form of note taking and revision for your studies as they are valuable memory triggers. I have found great benefit to my memory in using a mind machine (light and sound machine)... which greatly enhances visual memory at least.

I hope the above is of some help to you, Vick, and I wish you every success with your studies.

Warmest Regards,


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