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Getting clarity on remote viewing the future

How can you improve your remote viewing for future idea harvesting?

Clarity on remote viewing the future

Dustin is a reader of this website and has questions for me about Remote Viewing the Future.

Here is his email:

Hello Wily,

My name is Dustin and I just wanted to let you know I like the article you wrote on your website about Remote Viewing.

I'm into remote viewing myself. I have been Learning about remote viewing for almost four months now and about three months ago I bought the Silva's UltraMind ESP System.

Well i'm not so great at it still I practice about 2 - 3 times a day and when I do a session I can relax my body very quikly and I clearn my mind thinking of NOTHING for about 5 - 10 minutes Then i'm Really relax and seeing wavy blur in my eyes, I'm not sure if that what most people see? but afterward When I want to set my target for a time in the future I clear my mind for about ten minutes then I tell myself "Anything Im About To See Will Relate To What Im Going To See At 12:00PM - October/25/2007 " Then after telling myself I will clear my mind and let things flow through my mind and i'll see a bunch of different objects but is what im trying to figure out is witch one of the objects could be my target and am I giving it enough time? or do I just start seeing things in my mind or do i see them in my eyes where its a wavy blur?

I'm still new at this but I want to see a Full Target is my goal!
You seem like the person that know alot more about Remote Viewing so you dont mind if I ask you these questions?
WB Thanks


And here is my reply:


Hello Dustin,

Thank you so much for your email -- it's really great to hear from you.

I'm so impressed by your commitment to learning Remote Viewing. You are really getting some terrific results already. Keep up the good work.

Here and now: If I may make a suggestion, get comfortable and confident with Remote Viewing in present time before you start Remote Viewing the future. That way you can verify targets a lot easier.

Ch-ch-ch-changes: The future is mutable. There are general trends that tend to persist, but specifics mutate in a sea of infinite possibility. You never quite know which future you are looking at.

Fishing from the furture: I'm particularly interested in creativity and ideas. Any ways I can find of drawing on the amazing creative powers of the unconscious mind, I like to use. Remote Viewing the future is to me simply a way of bypassing the limitations of the conscious mind to access insight, intuition and the deeper 'knowledge' of the unconscious mind. I think of it like casting a line into that mustable sea of possibilities, what I see may only be there for a moment, but a moment is all I need to hook it out and reel it into my present.

Splashing in the stream: I recommend blending Remote Viewing with Image Streaming. Describe aloud what you are seeing in your mind's eye. Start with the wavy blur you mentioned, describing the qualities of the wave, how it is making you feel, any impressions you have of it... and just let the wavy blur move into some other image.

Looking without looking: In waking life, when we want to really look at something we focus on it. Our vision narrows down on to the thing we want to focus on. When you start out Remote Viewing, visualizing or image streaming, you really want to experience results as soon as possible, so you really concentrate and try hard to see something. This causes a kind of mental mind's eye focusing which actually blocks imagery. Inner vision is much more like seeing with peripheral vision.

Right now, your eyes are focused on these words as you read them. Without taking your eyes of the words become aware of the border frame of your computer screen, and the room around you. Don't turn to look at it, just see it with your peripheral vision. You can stare straight ahead and hold your hands out either side of you and wiggle your fingers and try to see them wiggling in your peripheral vision. To do this your focus softens and widens, allowing you to absorb a wider channel of visual data.

What is, is: Now imagine your inner vision opening in the same way. Instead of trying to make something happen, you allow what's happening to be received in your mind's eye. No judgement, no control, just observation and reportage.

The map is not the territory: Because Remote Viewing has been systematized and organized, your mind forms an idea of what you should experience when you do it. The idea is not the same thing as the reality. So at some point you have to let go of the idea and just experience what you experience -- without trying to force it to conform to the idea.

A little help from your friends: Dustin, you are obviously serious and committed to becoming an accomplished remote viewer. I would recommend that you get involved in some of the online remote viewing communities, so you can team up with other remote viewers and do work together. That way you will hone your abilities.

Playing with your mind: I'm not a serious remote viewer because I don't conform to the protocols of remote viewing. I'm not interested particularly in verifying targets, I'm solely interested in sparking my mind and generating interesting ideas for products, solving problems and so on. As such I like to play with these tools and concepts and see where they lead.

I recommend taking a playful attitude. That works for me. It removes the pressure, and seems to enable things to happen a lot faster than when I am trying with all my might to achieve a particular result.

Excited by your work: I hope you will keep me informed of your progress with Remote Viewing and harvesting ideas from the future. I think you've got some very exciting times ahead.

Warmest Regards,

Wily Walnut

And here is Dustin's reply:


Thank you so much for your advice, I now understand alot more from you then what I been trying to look for in the past month, Your advice is much clear to me and makes true sens. And here is a website I have been going by the last two months, I'm not sure if all of this infomation is corrcet or If one like me can learn so I wanted to show you this Assignment #1 on this site how they start from remote viewing with the future and how they do it.
Is this anything you have experienced before? Do you have to have experience for this assignment as far as the The Course Text shows at the buttom of this e-mail?
Link to the Website
WB Thank you again
And here is my 2nd reply:
Hi Dustin,
Great to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing that information.
Future check: I think the idea of remote viewing to a time when you would be checking the results of your remote viewing is a really unique idea --- another great way of bypassing the inner editor.
It's not something that I have ever thought of or done before. Have you tried it yet? Had any success?
RV samples: The RV results examples on the R-V.com site are really interesting. In a military situation, these limited sketches can prove valuable because the army or intelligence services have other means of verifying or analysing the data and relating it to real things. Being able to compare your training RV session sketches against pictures of the targets can be a great way of boosting your confidence if you are reasonably accurate.
Creativity RV-ing: I don't get that excited by the idea of RV-ing a picture, and getting a reasonable sketch of it, such as you would recognize features of the picture in the sketch. Also, I recognise that if I am RV-ing the future, searching for new ideas, I'm not going to have anything to compare it against other than present knowledge. So... that means, for me, RV-ing is a creative process and more about exploring my mind and finding unique associations between RV'd images and present day ideas... and trying to generate new concepts from the blending of the two.
The thing with future RVing: RV-ing is no different from any kind of idea generation technique. You can only see what you can recognize. If you are an entomologist, you might recognize the sticky dripping wax image in your mind as relating to a ladybird's eggs. But most of us wouldn't. If you are an engineer, and you RV the future you will be able to see or make the connections with future machines or buildings and understand them much better than a non-engineer would be able to. That's why, ideally its best to focus future RV-ing within your areas of present day knowledge.
So if you are a car designer, you could probably harvest some interesting distinctions about future car designs, but you probably won't be able to identify future audio-visual equipment unless you are guided and assisted by someone with expertise in that area. I could RV the future and describe an anti-gravity car... but I know nothing about present day scientific knowledge of anti-gravity so I wouldn't know what to look for to find out how the thing actually works.
Everything is a communication: I like to adopt the belief that every bit of data that I receive in my image stream has some kind of meaning or significance. And it's up to me to make that link. Some images are pure-ish JV images, some are symbolic, some are mental flak that relate to events going on in my life. It doesn't matter. As long as I can make an association, I can move on and create new ideas. New ideas = new knowledge = new perceptions = new understanding = new awareness. That's the trip for me.
Remote Viewing True: My personal attitude is that I blend all tools into one. So I image stream or RV, I rely on intuition and feeling, I adopt an attitude of confidence and a belief that all communication is meaningful...and that mix makes me more creative as a person. What I like about true RV is that they do try and make it reasonably scientific and evidence-based. I admire that but I have no great interest in participating in that. I just like to use the tools to get more creative.
Warmest Regards,

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