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Brain Squeezer 019: Channeled Genius - A Reader's Concerns

Do you need to protect yourself from 'negative' influences?

Channeled genius

OJ writes from Africa regarding one of my Brain Squeezer email tips on Channeled Genius (hey, why not sign up to receive these?). He's worried about what this might open you up to.

Here is his email:

Hello Mr Walnut,
On this tip I'd like to give a warning. The part I was concerned is in bold. It is very dangerous to boldly open any channel from you to infinity. If you open yourself to anything, anything is able to come into your system. As well as very negative influences and needs. It is also possible that it's taking control of someone's thoughts and emotions and making itself a part of it.
Please consider my point.
Kind regards,


Here is the part of my tip that OJ quotes:

> Instructions: Get into a relaxed focused state. Then
> pretend that you are a psychic channel like Esther Hicks
> and let inspiration pour into you and guide you as you
> write, draw, paint or sing. Just imagine some channel
> opening between you and the infinite creative source.

And here is my reply:

Hello OJ,
Thank you so much for your email. I really appreciate your message and the concerns you have.
My 'spiritual' position on this is that God is Omnipresent. To me, 'there is only God.' As someone wanting to become more creative I see ALL of life as part of that process. I take a Taoist attitude to energy... that it is a Whole that contains positive and negative polarities, and that in order to become whole again we have to accept and love both the negative and the positive within us and 'outside' of us.
My 'pragmatic' position on this is that this is a ruse, a mental tool, to unlock the creativity within. All creativity requires some process to get beyond 1) mundane mental preoccupations, 2) the inner editor, 3) inner resistance ... and something to make us feel inspired and in the flow of creativity.
Some people will choose to see this exercise as a real thing and will imagine that they really do open up to outside forces, and that inspiration will come to them from outside themselves.
Others will see this as purely a mental exercise, a visualization or a deliberate hallucination that serves to access creativity, motivation and inspiration.
I don't think it matters which camp people fall into as long as it works.
My only purpose is for people to have another tool to be more creative with.
My paradigm with this is that there are no mistakes and no errors people can make; it's all learning experiences.
Creativity is all a head game. As is Life.
Wonderful to hear from you, OJ. I do so appreciate your feedback and send you my very best wishes.
Wily Walnut

OJ replies:

Hello mr Walnut,
Thanks for your answer. I haven't looked at it like that. Many thanks for your insight.
With warmth, OJ

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