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Can you boost IQ through breath holding excerises without the underwater swimming technique?

A reader of this website wrote:

First I’d like to say that I feel that your site will be the booster of a great change in my life. I am quite interested in Image-Streamingand the BrainBubbles technique.. as well as Deep Thought Experiences. I would like to know how much time do I have to hold my breath out of water to have a 10 point IQ boost. Is it even possible? I don’t have an opportunity right now to do this in a swimming pool, so would really want to know if it is achievable without swimming underwater, even if it takes 3 times the amount of time. I even programmed a simple application in Visual Basic with “longest breath”,”total time”, and “IQ boost until now”… I simply watch movies while hitting the space bar to start and stop the counters.



Here is my reply:

Good day Tiago,

My apologies for the delay in answering your email. I am on vacation in Spain at the moment and this is the first opportunity I have had to check my email.

While swimming underwater seems to be the most effective method to increase the size of the caretoid artery, and increase oxygen uptake in the brain.... you can also achieve a similar effect by breathing into a brown paper bag for 30 seconds to 1 minute, every half an hour. However, I personally find this makes me a little nauseous, so I prefer the pool method!

You might also look at the Buteyko Method - a Russian program for asthmatics. This program focusses on extending the ability to hold the breath after you have breathed OUT! So you breathe out and measure the amount of time, you can comfortably keep your lungs empty. This increases carbon dioxide in your system and forces the body to take up oxygen into the brain more effectively. Please research the method more thoroughly before attempting it.

Thanks for your email and good luck with the experiment!

Thanks for the reply Wily =) Have a good vacation =). By the way, you are next to my home country, Portugal =), you should make a vacation here sometime, it's a beautiful country.

Thank you so much. I will certainly do that, I understand that Portugal is a very beautiful country *as well as having awesome football players like Figo! =)

Luís Figo did a nice job in revealing our country to the rest of the world looool =). I'd like to ask you a question. Have you ever measured your progress trough IQ tests, like seeing if you had a significant increase through Image-Streaming and the BrainBubbles technique? If so, how much did you improve and in how much time did you do it?

No, I haven't personally done any progressive IQ testing with the technique of holding one's breath underwater, or with brown bagging, or pranayama exercises. I'm really only interested in experiential and practical intelligence gains. I know my own mind and I can recognise when I am 'being smarter', processing information faster, or generating more kick-ass ideas. I don't have the inclination or opportunity to show off IQ Test gains, and was quite happy with the results when I did my initial IQ tests. I think success in IQ TESTS can be massively improved with familliarity and practice at those kind of MENSA / IQ Testing questions. And I am much more interested in increasing my creativity muscles than my test solving muscles.

The good news is that the orignator of the BrainBubbles technique has done lots of testing and has demonstrated solid IQ points gains within 3 weeks of daily underwater swimming. The mammalian dive reflex cannot be easily replicated without the pressure of deep(ish) water, so bagging and 'dry' breathing exercises are a poorer substitute... though I know some Yogis who might argue that point.

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Wishing You the Best of the Best,


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Win Wenger.
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