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Hey, here's an archive of posts at my creative thinking and personal development blog which is located at http://www.wily-walnut.com (the hyphenated version of domain!). Enjoy!


Coping with cognitive dissonance
What is cognitive dissonance, and how do you learn to deal with it?

JULY 2007

Horizontal thinking versus vertical thinking
I find myself to be big picture orientated. That means I'm not big on specifics. Perhaps that is why I am so easily mesmerised by those who pour great energy into clarifying their visions, adding detail and layers of understanding.

What is 'real'?
What is 'real'? When I read an engaging story, my heart beats faster, and my attention is gripped. I might read to the end of the chapter and look up and 'emerge' from that experience into what we call the real world. And it's like 'coming to' after being asleep or unconscious. You remember, "oh yeah, this is what's real..." and somewhere feel a sense of disappointment that what seemed so real in the story is not.

Who's driving the bus?
I'm intrigued as to who is really driving the bus. Is it your conscious mind or your unconscious mind?

Infomaniacs: content or relationship?
Are you interested in the content of an idea... or its relationship to other ideas?

Exhausted by ideas?
Do you get exhausted by the sheer volume of ideas out there for you to explore? I know I do. Sometimes being an explorer of ideas is as shattering as exploring the jungle!

How to explore a paradigm without getting trapped by it
If paradigm shifting is seen to be a beneficial exercise for those who wish to evolve and be more creative, how do you do it safely? How can you explore new paradigms without getting trapped within them? Obviously if you are 100% committed to a paradigm, then you are unwilling to entertain anything outside of that paradigm. You are going to argue for the inside of the box. None of your thinking will be outside of the box.

Paradigm Shifting: Creativity Through Paradigm Shifting
A paradigm is a fundamental world view. It’s how you see and understand the world you live in. A paradigm is formed from a mixture of current scientific ‘fact’, best guesses and the comfortable fictions of belief. Most people are deeply engrained with their paradigm. Changing it in even the slightest way causes deep anxiety and discomfort. Depending on the nature of the person they will adapt to the change quickly, slowly or not at all. In the latter case, they will resist the evidence of the change in paradigm.

Using beliefs versus abusing beliefs
You’re an explorer. You’ve decided life is more than just the daily grind. You’re on a mission to find out what underlies it. Like the Scooby Doo team, you’re a mystery hunter. But not for you the spooky fairground or the haunted mansion. You’re investigating the mystery of Life itself.

Your Multiple Paradigm Tolerance Factor
Creative thinking requires exposure to many ideas so you can formulate new connections. Confusion can arise when those ideas include beliefs or paradigms of ‘ultimate truth’. The degree to which you can be flexible enough to shift from paradigm to paradigm without going crazy-bonkers can be called your multiple paradigm tolerance factor.

Energy follows attention
Exploring attention and how to use it to achieve what you want.

Verbalizing out loud stimulates creativity
Verbalizing out loud seems to enhance your creative output. The great German writer Goethe frequently used this technique to enhance his creative writing. He would...

JUNE 2007

Genius is self-bestowed
The personal choices and actions you need to unleash your own genius and wreak havoc on an as-yet unsuspecting world!

Mediocrity is self-inflicted
Gives the reasons why you have no-one to blame but yourself for your mind-numbing mediocrity! :-)

MAY 2007

The Inconsistency of Genius
Why is that one day you can be brilliant and the next rubbish? Why is there such inconsistency in your thinking? You get flashes of genius but they seem all too rare and unpredictable. Why is that? Why? Why, dammit?

Gently screwing with your mind
Idea: Use simple 'reversal' thought exercises to shake up your thinking and make you more flexible and creative.

Apply the BILLIONAIRE templates of success to your mind
Wow, just come back in from a walk in the rain (saw a double rainbow!) and I wanted to give you a heads-up on an article/offer that I am excited to share with you.

Squidoo Lens and the Da Vinci Method
Small post on two things for you to explore.

The best me appears when I'm not there
When you watch your mind... willing to learn about how it works, what motivates it, with no preconceptions... you will discover something amazing.

Work is love made visible
Taking creative inspiration from Gibran's chapter on Work.

Delayed gratification: 3 reasons why delayed gratification rocks!
Why delayed gratification can lead you unerringly towards success and accomplishment.

APRIL 2007

Walking the gate: target focusing and goal achievement
A physical game that is a perfect metaphor for focus, concentration and how to achieve your goals.

Spartan training for the Brain
How to develop a Spartan fitness program for training your brainpower and enhancing your intelligence.

Unleashing altruistic creativity technique
Tapping into your creativity through inspired altruistic activity.

Geniuses at work
Here are three valuable success insights I tumbled upon in my online reading this morning from Gary Halbert, Michael Masterson, and Kevin Hogan.

Expand your problem to solve your problem
Here's a great problem solving mind trick that will make all those big bad problems seem like inky-dinky little problems that you can solve a lot easier.

Personalizing Your Subconscious Mind Power
Here's what I am thinking about. A technique that I read about for personalizing your subconscious mind power so that you... i) get it's attention ii) put it to work for you and iii) manifest what you want faster.

Interesting self-programming idea for rapid goal attainment
I read about an interesting self-programming technique the author alleges you can use to achieve rapid manifestation results and super-quick goal attainment. Want to give it a try?

How to stop being creative... and how to start being creative!
What stops you from being creative? And how can you start being creative right now? Here are some valuable pointers that I discovered....

FreeIQ: The Marketplace For Showcasing Your Ideas
FreeIQ offers to host your video, audio or print files because they believe that 'everyone knows something that’s valuable to someone else' and they want to be the place for showcasing your ideas.

What is Creativity?
What is creativity? What does it mean to be 'creative'? I take a very simple view of creativity. I look at it as....  

MARCH 2007

How to remove unwanted memes or idea viruses from your mind
If you've read my article, Meme Idea Viruses and How to Use Them, that I wrote some time ago, then you might want to check out a great related article in the latest....

Creative Discernment and Critical Thinking
I seem to be getting a lot of messages hitting my radar that essentially concern the idea of being a little more discerning in your thinking....

'Personal Success' Magazine For Coaches
A great free resource on success issues with interviews with personal development and success gurus and top life coaches.

Edward de Bono video on creative thinking
Here's a video of Edward de Bono talking on the subject of creative thinking.


How to Develop Your Willpower
Take a wild walk with me as I discuss methods and strategies for developing your willpower.


Raw Food 30 day Challenge Completed!
Yesterday was the last day of a 30 day challenge I set myself to eat only raw foods. I successfully completed the challenge. ('Yay!').

Out of This World Thinking
Out-of-this-world thinking involves a restructuring of your perspective and world-view. If you've ever played on Google Earth, then you'll have a feeling for the zoom control. We are going to apply a similar technique to our perspective on our lives. By changing the perspective, we will get a different view of life and be able to practice out-of-this-world thinking.

Creating More Smiles In The World
I'm about to write a check which will help to create a brand new beautiful smile. It's the sort of smile that the world has never seen before. And it's pure magic.

Expand Your Mind
As a creative thinker, you need to seek out opportunities to expand your mind.

Creative New Year Re-Solutions
How to renew yourself and start afresh in life, in your creative projects and with your goals and life purpose.


Creative Trance-Formation 
I'm playing with an idea for a quick hypnotic trip down into the unconscious mind to lay down some "new, improved you" instructions to make you even more creative in 2007. Here is my simple self-hypnosis session to program even greater creativity and genius into your everyday thinking. Read article.

The Smart Transplantation
Listening to a radio play about the world's first heart transplant got me thinking about whether it would be possible to transplant the thinking ability of one person into another: a kind of "smart transplant" instead of "heart transplant", if you will. Here is what I came up with. Read article.

Selling Creative Ideas
Hey, I was trawling the net this morning and stumbled upon the "World's Biggest Creative Department". If you have ever looked at TV adverts, print adverts or marketing campaigns and thought, "I could do better than that!" then this is your chance to put your creative ideas to the test and see if you can sell them to real life companies and corporations. Read article.

Transfiguration for Creative Thinking
Here's a thought: What if you could get into the state of heightened creativity at will? Imagine it. You are mooching along in your humdrum everyday kind of way and nothing much is happening. You can't afford to wait for divine inspiration. And the weather man is giving no indications that you can anticipate spontaneous brainstorms or bolts from the blue. You're bored. You're boring. And you wanna get creative. ...You need some transfiguration, baby! Read article.


How To Develop A Great Attitude in 5 Minutes
Do you have a crappy attitude? Do you want to get rid of it -- fast? It's really easy to develop a great attitude. You just need a little mental fine tuning. You can turn your saturnine disposition into a happy and sunny outlook within minutes. Here's how.... Read article.

Creating Space To Think
If you want to encourage and develop your own inner genius, you need to create space for it. There is just so much to distract and overwhelm you these days. Take a leaf out of my book, and challenge yourself to go without some of those oh-so-important things like TV and newspapers and books for 30 days. Read article.

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