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Artistic Genius

How can I attain artistic genius?

Leonardo da Vinci. Michaelangelo. Pablo Picasso. Vincent Van Gogh. Pollack. Hearst. Artistic genius is a sought-after commodity. We worship the great masters of art. But how can YOU attain artistic genius? How can YOU develop your artistic intelligence. This is the question that burned in the mind of Nate, a fellow reader of this website...

Nate wrote:

From: nate55
To: wily[at]wilywalnut.com
Subject: artistic genius
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 11:13:58 +0000

hi. do you know of any courses or books on attaining to artistic genius please?
thanks, Nate


Here is my reply:

Hello Nate,
Thank you for your email and your question.
Answer: Specifically? No. But here is my brain dump on resources that you could look at within this dimension:
'Drawing On The Right Side Of Your Brain' by Betty Edwards
The Carder Method: http://www.thecardermethod.com/clips/overview.html
Jacques Fresco teaches drawing: http://www.simpleology.com/training/drawing/
'Cosmic Memory' by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, chapter 15: Multiplying Memory, section on Artificial Reincarnation -- where Russian art students were hypnotized into believing they were famous Masters like Rembrandt, Picasso, Raphael etc. After a number of weeks the talent (but not the personality of the Master) seemed to filter through.
Emulate: If you are already a skilled artist, but not a genius artist, then my recommendation would be emulation (reading about lives of great artists, copying their works and styles, obsessing over a particular artist that you feel drawn to, inhabiting their lives as it were).

From emulation and imitation, you will educate your mind to the importance (to you) of brilliance, innovation, originality and then you can use the shoulders of these giants to launch your own art to the next level. Just as they often did.
If you have any opportunity to be around other genius artists, or in a super creative part of society where art is valued and financially well-supported, you will benefit by association. The benefit of like minds, benefactors, mastermind groups, and a little competition is not to be underestimated.
Mastering fundamentals in art, or any other skill, is essential. Once that knowledge is unconscious and 'in the blood' then you have the freedom to start dumping convention and innovate according to your own muse.
See also 'Why Artists Starve' for some useful distinctions, about half way down page, under May 19th 2006, sub-section titled Why Artists Starve http://www.mattfurey.com/mattfurey_uncensored/2006/05/
Thank you for your question. I hope that you find something of value in my answer.
Warm Regards,
Wily Walnut


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