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What is the Alpha mind state?

Here are the basics on brainwaves and how they affect YOU!

what is alpha mind state?

Sangeet is a subscriber to my Brain Squeezer series of email tips. He writes to ask:

 what is this alpha mind state?

Here is my reply:

Hello Sangeet,
Thank you for your question.
Neuroscientists measure electrical activity in the brain using EEG (electroencephalograph) machines. These machines measure 'fluctuations of energy sweeping across the neural networks of the brain'. These energy pulsations are called brain waves.
There are four distinct varieties of brain waves which have been called beta, alpha, theta, and delta.
Beta Waves -- 14 Hz to 100 Hz -- are associated with normal, waking, eyes-open consciousness; alertness, arousal, concentration, cognition.
Alpha Waves -- 8 Hz to 13 Hz -- are associated with the brain's relaxed or neutral state. This occurs when we are relaxed and healthy and not under stress.
Theta Waves -- 4 Hz to 8 Hz -- as calmness and relaxation deepen into drowsiness, the brain shifts to this twilight state between waking and sleep. Theta is associated with vivid imagery, creative insights, dreaming, visions, creative ideas.
Delta Waves -- below 4 Hz -- are typically associated with deep sleep or unconsciousness. Delta is also generated by those who can access deep trancelike or 'non-physical' states.
Okay, that's the science. Now to your question.
Jose Silva popularized the idea of the alpha mind state with his Silva Mind Control Method. He taught people how to have more success in their lives by going into the Alpha Mind State through using his meditation technique. To learn this, people would close their eyes, and count slowly backwards (silently to themselves) from 100 down to Zero.
In doing this, they would relax from the busy Beta waves state of consciousness down into the Alpha level. Once they had achieved this relaxed state of mind, they could repeat affirmations, or do visualization, or do healing because this state of mind is much more receptive to new instructions. They could re-program their minds at this level.
So the Alpha Mind State is a state in which your brain is predominantly producing alpha brain waves. It is relaxed, neutral and receptive to suggestion.
Thank you for your question.
Warmest Regards,
Wily Walnut

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