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Advanced Creative Visualization

Learn how to accelerate your visualization technique and take your visualizing skills to the next level...

       Advanced Creative Visualization Skills

Kevin, a reader of this website, writes...

Wily, thank you for your great web posting on how to improve ones visualization skills: (http://www.wilywalnut.com/Visualize-how-to-improve-your-visualization-skills.html ).

At times, I feel that my visualization skills are very strong, I can see things in rich detail in my mind. Whenever I bring my reality back to the environment I'm in I no longer see what I was vividly imagining in my minds eye unless I return to imagining it in my mind (lose focus of everything around me).

Is it possible to practice visualization to the point where, with my eyes open, I can see an object such as an apple, as though it were really floating/sitting in front of me? At times I feel that I can reach glimpses of this when I stare at a blank surface, but I'm not sure whether this is something that I can continue to develop with practice, or if it's just not possible, and it's simply me quickly losing focus, seeing it in my mind, and thinking that I'm visualizing it.

Please let me know what you think.

Here is my reply:

Becoming a Visualization Master

Dear Kevin,
Thank you for your email and for your great question.
It's terrific that you have developed powerful inner visualization skills.
Yes, it is possible to develop your visualization skills to the point where you can imagine an apple and 'see' it floating right there in front of you.
Crazy people do this all the time! :-))
Nikola Tesla could do eyes-open visualization so well that he could test his designs for machines before actually building prototypes. He would visualize the machine in front of him and set it running and observe what happened!
It's true that Nikola Tesla may have been slightly austistic. So his brain may have been more naturally adept at such visualization.
However, I believe that it is possible for supposedly normal people like you and me to become masters at visualization with eyes open or closed.
Advanced Creative Visualization: daydreamingDaydream Masters
We already do such eyes-open visualization. It's called daydreaming.
If you think about it, when you are daydreaming, you are lost in the visual images you are seeing in your mind's eye and you don't question their realness in the moment.
Let's say you are in class or a boring business meeting. It's hot and stuffy and your mind starts to drift. You drift off into a sexual fantasy: a naughty liason with an attractive partner or three!
During that daydream, you completely believe in the reality of it. We know this by the physiological changes your body will go through.
The Art of Visualization
The art of visualization is to develop the same kind of naturalness to your visualization as you have when you are daydreaming. Don't sweat it. Just let it happen. Don't force it. If it's fuzzy to begin with, just relax with that and go with it, until it slips into the deeper flow of daydream visualizations.
There are things that you can do to increase your sense of control with this eyes-open visualization practice.
advanced visualization: creating a chi energy ballEnergy Templating
If you have ever done any Chi Kung practice, you will have developed a sense and feel for chi energy. To experience this you could try taking about 10 long, deep breaths, imagining energy growing in your body. Then rub your hands together really briskly until the palms feel hot. Then hold your hands about 6-8 inches apart, palms facing, and just move them really slowly back and forth towards each other. You should feel a sort of magnetic pulling and repulsion. If you can get that feeling, hold your hands as though they were holding a small soccerball. Breathe and imagine energy building in your hands. Look at that energy ball in your hands and slowly circle your hands around it, moving them side to side. Feel the energy ball and imagine it there in your hands.
This will help you when it comes to practising things like visualizing an apple in front of you.
Etheric Forming
Esoteric experts, like Stuart Wilde, talk about manipulating etheric energy. They say you can create forms out of that etheric energy. In their systems of belief, matter is the end result of idea. First the idea in the mental level, this is passed down into the energy level, and is eventually manifest in the physical level.
Advanced visualization energy templating: kirlian photo of a torn leafWhen you read about phantom limb phenomena, you get a real sense of these energy templates. Imagine your body has an energy version, a template of how you should look. If a physical arm gets amputated, the energy arm still exists. In experiments with kirlian photography, leaves have been cut in half and then photographed and in the photograph you can still see the 'aura' or energy field of the whole leaf.
What does this have to do with visualization? I think it helps you form an idea of something being there which isn't physically there.

advanced visualization: image streamingImage Streaming Genius
Image streaming is the process of describing aloud in multi-sensory detail the moment-by-moment contents of your stream of consciousness. Basically you describe what's on your mind right now.

In the genius IQ building course at http://www.genius-intelligence.com one of the advanced stages of training is to do image streaming with the eyes open. This is said to cause massive quantum leaps in intelligence. So, Kevin, it's interesting that you have mastered inner visualization and are ready to go to the next level of mastery. You are clearly very intelligent and have the opportunity to make huge progress with your visualization and the results you get with it.
I hope these few suggestions have been helpful to you. May I wish you great success with your visualization practices. Thank you again for the super question.
Please keep me updated with your visualization progress. And if you have any other questions I can assist you with, please ask away.
Warmest Regards,

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