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Welcome Superstar: You are a Genius!

Unleash your genius with the Brain Evolution System 2013!You have an energy inside you. Can you FEEL it? It wants to get out. It wants to shine. It wants to express. It wants to create!

You were born a genius. Imbued with everything you need to think like a genius. But somehow it's gotten lost. Did they train the creative spark out of you? Or did it get covered up and locked away?

You owe it to me, to everybody, to unleash your genius. Most of all you owe it yourself. It's the best of you. Let it free. Let it out. Who knows what you will create, who you will help, what you will make, as a result?

The Gift of Genius: Grab the following simple strategy for better creative thinking and making the most of your genius mind.

1. Start thinking of yourself as a genius. Self-image determines behavior and results.

2. To generate brilliant ideas make it a habit to use a specific creative thinking techniques such as mind mapping, image streaming, or one of the many idea generation exercises that have evolved from brainstorming.

3. Emulate the creativity strategies of geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Mozart. Modelling is fast way to trigger dormant mental abilities.

4. Always carry a notebook to capture your ideas, thoughts and observations.

5. Take action on your ideas. Be productive. Leave your mark on the world.

6. Live large. Break rules. Ask lots of questions. Have fun. Love life. Serve...

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8. Scroll down for a feast of mind-tingling articles that will get your creative juices spurting like a hot geyser!

Okay, start now. Go play... or stay here and discover more.

Either way, much love and best wishes to you.


Wily Walnut

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"Discover Kick-Ass Secrets to Creative Thinking and Boosting Intelligence, Then Tap Your Hidden Genius to Generate Blockbuster Ideas! C'mon, Upgrade Your Brain and Finally Be What You COULD Be... ie. Totally & Uniquely Amazing!"

The following free articles will help you become a more brilliant thinker. There are some great articles here, some good ones and probably one or two stinkers (lol!). All of them however contain seed ideas that can enhance your life.

Bookmark this page and then scan the links below. Cherry pick what appeals to you right now, and come back to read the others when you are inspired to. Email me and let me know what you like, what you love and what you hate...or just to say HI. I believe in your genius. And here's why...


 Dust Off Your Genius: The Numbskulls Recovery Pack

How to transform your self image and think like a genius!

10 Things To Do When You Need Ideas Fast!

The Dumb Powder Plot and why Guy Fawkes was onto a good idea...

Jack and the Brainstalk - Awaken the Giant Mind Powers of Genius, Creativity and Profitable Innovation!

 Become a genius with genius IQ within 4-to-12 months!BECOME A GENIUS WITHIN 4-to-12 MONTHS! 
Achieve genius IQ test scores of 180+. New brain training program reveals secrets!


 Master Mind Mentors -- Copy these cool cats:

The Geniuses' Genius: Leonardo da Vinci and his brain power techniques

Thomas Edison's 10 secret "million dollar" invention strategies!

William Shakespeare's secrets of superior communication and creative genius!

Mozart's little psychotic secret and why you must adopt it today! I'm 100% positive this Genius Gem will put a spring in your step for good!

Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Terminator guide to goal-setting!

The sleazy genius of seduction: Ross Jeffries!

Market your business brain-waves with Mr Fire, Joe Vitale!


 Get Smart or Die Dumb

What Sherlock Holmes can teach you about deductive reasoning and how it'll change your life

Secret techniques used by CIA, Secret Service & MI5 to boost secret agents brainpower!

The Creative Power of Certainty

10 Accelerated Learning Techniques

Visualize: How to improve your visualization skills

How To Use The Ideas You Have And How to Get Better Ideas

The Brain Bubbles technique to permanently boost your IQ in just 3 weeks!

Improve your brain power


 Out of the box (possibly out of my mind) thinking:

Remote Viewing To Steal Creative Ideas From the Future!

SPLAT THINKING: How To Leap Into The Unknown and Always Land On Your Feet

Flashpoint strategies: how to use blood-boiling rage to trigger a torrent of creative genius!

How to use DEATH to inspire creative living!!

Meme Idea Viruses and How to Use Them

Thematic Thinking Frees Minds To Create Wildly

Shit Mining: How To Strike Gold as a Shit Miner -- NEW!


 Personal Development on Crack... or how to be a total Brainiac!

Sex Transmutation: Transmute 'Sexual Energy' into Genius

Thought Experiments: Use Deep Thought Provoking Questions To Boost Your Creativity! Plus 5 Thought Experiments That Will Expand Your Mind and Revolutionize Your Thinking Forever!

Sleep to Succeed! Yes, 9 easy-peasy ways to program your dreams for a 24-carat gem of an idea that could make you a fortune, win the lover of your dreams or make you famous!

Innate Intelligence: Your Higher Power and the Assumption of Innate Intelligence

The Synopsis Genius - Experience "Idea Compression" with Tom Butler-Bowdon's 50 CLASSICS -- like Cliffs Notes for a degree course in Personal Development!


 Tools for Anti-Fools: Creative Thinking Techniques and Strategies

Aaaggghh! Mind Machines Are Taking Over My Brain!

Discover the PPO Cubes that turn on your genius for instant creative thinking!

Brain Fireworks that light up your mind!

Your Brainstorm session - How to brain storm effectivelySelect text color

Gay Think - think pink your way to creativity, genius and wit!


 Idea Fire-Starters: Kickstart Your Brain

The Human Craptivator: your worst ideas can make you rich!

Enhance Your Intelligence With Jokes, Wit and Humor!

Dirty, filthy, wash-your-mouth-out, gut-wrenching ways to make your brain sing with the sweetest language!

MindChat: the inner dialogue of success!

Trouble-making and new ways to think!

The Cure For Constipated Creativity 


 Mind Management: Staying in the Mental Fast Lane

Motivate Your Mind: How to Get Motivated When Your Self Motivation is Weak 

How to stop mind-numbing "Brain Spam" dead in its tracks and safe-guard your mental acuity, focus and drive! 

Self Awareness - be enlightened by your prejudices!

Creating your Life Purpose: the ultimate creative challenge!

Stop Procrastination: How to quit procrastinating

Moving From Self Help Addiction To Self Reliance

Creative Renewal: Emptying Your Mind For Creative Renewal 

Laziness Cure: How to overcome laziness -- NEW! 

Creative Flow: Is it possible to enjoy consistent flow states? -- NEW!


 What's Hot? Personal Development Product Turkey Shoot

The Brain Evolution System review -- NEW!

Think Right Now behavior modification programs review -- NEW!

The Super Mind Evolution System review

Diary of a first time Wild Divine user

Discover the PPO Cubes that turn on your genius for instant creative thinking!

The Complete Guide To Genius review

Genius Mindset - The Cheats Guide To Instant Genius - Review

HPPCDS - Hypnotic Mind Master Transforms Potential Into Power

How to think like a Billionaire Audios

Physiology of Excellence DVD review -- NEW!

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Build An Inner Cathedral In Your Mind || Brain Squeezer Special

If Your Brain Is A Ferrari...Why Are You Abusing It In These 6 Ways 


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Meanwhile, whatever you do, make sure you...

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